Sustanon For Bodybuilding – Facts For Safe And Effective Use!


Sustanon is a very well-known form of testosterone. It is an injectable steroid that’s used in medical scenarios for the treatment of low testosterone. While it’s meant and designed to be a part of testosterone replacement therapy, many bodybuilders and athletes use it to accelerate the process of muscle building. So, is this steroid safe for nonmedical needs? We have some pointers below for help!

The basics of using steroids

Testosterone is produced naturally by the testes in a man’s body. A small amount of the hormone is also produced by ovaries in women. The production of testosterone is regulated by the pituitary gland, which is located in the brain. All steroids are nothing but exogenous testosterone, which means that these are manufactured outside the body and are injected in the bloodstream to supplement the body, as required. Sustanon is no different. It is an older form of testosterone and is unique in many ways, especially if you compare it with other steroids.

Why is Sustanon different?

Sustanon is known to have four different testosterone esters, known as Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Decanoate, Testosterone Isocaproate, and Testosterone Propionate. Most of the current steroids or testosterone injections have just one ester. This steroid is available in injectable form in different strengths, mainly 100, 250, and 300 mg. Since it contains four esters, the potency of Sustanon is a matter of concern for many medical experts. Many sporting organizations have banned the use of this steroid, mainly keeping the potential abuse in mind. You can check for more information.

About using Sustanon safely

Well, you will find a lot of relevant information online on using Sustanon, but a lot of these facts are neither verified nor proved, and that calls for caution. Any form of injectable hormone impacts the body and endocrine system in many ways. Besides the obvious physical side effects, there are other emotional and mental effects, as well. With Sustanon, side effects include pain and rash around the site of the injection. Men also experience gynecomastia, which is the development of breast tissues. If you are keen on using the steroid, talk to a doctor first to understand the current level of testosterone in your body.

Sustanon is not meant to be a miracle drug, and manufacturers don’t claim that either. You have to exercise regularly and must follow all the relevant diet suggestions to see the right results. Check online to find the best sources for buying Sustanon.

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