Positive traits of Winstrol that impress people


Also known by its chemical name, Stanozolol, Winstrol is recognized as an anabolic steroid which is meant for both human and veterinary use. This medication was once recommended for treating problems like anaemia and angioedema and it is also hugely effective for improving the production of red blood cells. This compound was produced by Winthrop Laboratories in the year 1962 and back in those years, this medication was referred to as a common prescription compound. It assisted patients not only in maintaining their weights but also to gain weight in patients being affected by muscle-wasting diseases. This steroid didn’t even aromatize which lessened its chances of side effects.

This well-known anabolic steroid is a DHT (dihydrotestosterone) compound. It destroys the anti-anabolic deeds of the cortisone hormone and also motivates collagen production. You will be able to get this compound in a couple of forms; the oral and the injectable form. This medication is also effectual for muscle development and fat loss properties. However, this medication runs the chances of being abused and abusing it can fetch several side effects. Among the side effects, some are moderate while some are graver. Rexobol is just one among the numerous names of this medication and many underground manufacturers produce Rexobol Stanozolol tabletten which works just like the original product.

Sale of this medication

There is a constraint on the use and sale of this compound for purposes that exclude medical needs which is why it is sold unlawfully in many places. The compounds that are sold unlawfully are not considered as controlled and sometimes they don’t comprise of the constituents that ought to be present. They can be contaminated or out-dated. Actually, nearly 1/3 of this medication turns out to be counterfeited and sometimes do not constitute the components they depict to have. Due to the restrictions on this compound, numerous alternatives have popped up nowadays. These substitutes do contain legal and effectual constituents.

Proper dosages

For therapeutic purposes, a typical male dosage of this compound is 2mg thrice daily. Females are advised to take 4mg daily or a couple of 2mg dosages. If women do not notice any virilization symptom with this dosage it can be increased to 6mg daily. The injectable form is taken in a dosage of 50mg that should be taken every 2-3 weeks and this dosage is effectual for patients of both the genders. For the purpose of performance, a normal dosage of this medication falls in the range of 25-50mg dosage.

A dosage of 25mg daily of the oral form and 50mg of this medication in the injectable form every alternate day is very common. These dosages are sufficient for fetching sturdy outcomes in men and its side effects can be easily controlled. For the purpose of bodybuilding, a dosage of 50mg daily of either of the forms is normal. There are some people who take a higher dosage like 100mg daily but these dosages are generally suggested for the competitive bodybuilders. A female athlete should take the oral form in a dosage of 5mg daily and some women attempt to take 10mg daily. If you wish to buy Rexobol Stanozolol tabletten you can buy them online, primarily from Alpha Pharma Healthcare.

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