Penil Pills – Single Herbs or a Combination Supplement?


Summary: Male enhancement pills can be single herb or combination supplements. Your choice should be dependent on your medical health as detailed here.

Choice of the best male enlargement pills can be a struggle. With over hundreds of brands offering you the male enhancement supplements you need guidance on how the pick the best of all. The ingredients is what makes the best male enlargement pills a truly effective formula. Reading labels of the supplements can be overwhelming as some of the pills can contain a combination of 10 or 20 amino acids, natural herbs, vitamins and minerals.  This creates a dilemma whether you should choose a male enhancement pill with single herbs or a combination of many.

This post will help you decide better.

Male Enhancement Herbs

Natural herbs are being used for centuries to cure sex-related troubles in both men and women. However, prominently due to their higher status men have sought help to boost their sex drive and pleasure. From erectile dysfunction to boosting sex drive and increasing penis size, men in Asian countries still use natural herbs.

Leaves, berries, roots and flowers like ginseng and horny goat weed are clinically proven to increase virility in men. Over the years best male enlargement pill manufacturers knowing the potential of these herbs started using in their pills. These natural ingredient based supplements are much safer than prescription drugs. You get the same sexual enhancement benefits, but without any risk.

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Male Enhancement Pills with Single Herbs

Reason to select best male enlargement pills with single herb or amino acids can be many, but most men select such pills to stay away from triggering any allergies. As a supplement with combination of enhancement herbs is more likely to interact with medications or trigger allergies, men who are undergoing treatments or who suffer from allergies are more comfortable with male enhancement pills made from single herbs.

For instance, if you are looking for a pill to increase testosterone production and boost sex drive then you are try a male enhancement pill with L-arginine or Tribulus Terrestris. Both these ingredients are proven to increase libido and levels of testosterone, the only difference being one is an amino acid while the other is a natural herb. Similarly, if stress is taking a toll on your erection you can try a supplement with ginseng or ginko.

As you can tell, best male enlargement pills with single herbs can provide you only limited sexual benefit targeting a specific issue.

Male Enhancement Pills with Combination Herbs

If you are looking for a male enhancement pill that can address a variety of sexual issues then you will need a supplement with combination herbs. In clinical tested best male enlargement pills with combination herbs, the use of precise amounts of natural herbs and amino acids is made with vitamins and minerals. The balanced formula of these pills delivers precise amounts of ingredients into your system, providing you solution for more than one issue. Usually, these pills provide benefits like increased penis size, improved sex drive, enhanced semen production and more intense orgasms.


If allergies and drug interaction is a concern for you, use male enhancement pills with a single herb other best male enlargement pills are the ones with combination of herbs.


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