Natural Nootropics for the win!


 It’s impossible for a person to not feel drained and tired due to working too much, especially if it requires thinking. That’s why it’s essential for a person to take a break once in a while to give the brain a little bit of rest before being overloaded again. But if you’re work requires working long hours with a little time off only, you might need something that can help you along the way. And one of the best options that you can do is by taking brain supplements. These can really step up your game and are able to give your brain that extra boost it needs. Sadly, some of these brain supplements can cause some serious side effects especially if used for a long time. Lucky for you, there is still one drug that you can use without having to worry about that.

Nootropics are also “mind supplements”, but safer. These drugs are used by so many people with certain conditions. And not only those that need it to help with their everyday life. These conditions include ADHD and memory-loss due to old age. This kind of drug has the ability to enhance the different functions of your brain and is able to give you a higher IQ. It also helps you focus more. Know about this smart drug and what you can do to reap more of its benefits below.

Know if a drug is Nootropic or Not

The term “nootropic” was first invented in the year 1972 by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea. He said that a substance must meet five important criteria in order for it to be identified as a nootropic. The first is that it should give your cognitive function and learning ability a boost. Second is that even if the brain is under disruptive conditions, it must help the brain function. Third, the brain must be protected from different chemical and physical injuries. Fourth, the substance must increase the effectiveness of the cortical and subcortical regions of the brain’s control mechanisms. And lastly, it should possess little to no side effects and it should also be non-toxic. These are the traits that a compound must have in order for it to be a nootropic.

Natural Nootropic

Even if the first synthetic nootropic called Piracetam is the most popular nootropic drug to this day, there are still natural and herbal nootropic supplements that you can use too. These are also equally effective as the man-made drugs. Several of these are Lion’s Mane, Artichoke Extract, Bacopa / Monnieri, and CBD. But these are not the only natural nootropics out there and there are tons of it.

Stacking these Natural Nootropics

If you want to get the best out of these natural substances, then you can use the method of stacking it. If bodybuilders can stack steroids in order for them to get the best results, you can do the same with these nootropic substances too. One example is the Bacopa Monnieri, Lion’s Mane, and Gingko Biloba. But before you can decide to use natural nootropics, you need to know that these don’t work right away. This simply means that you need to wait for a few weeks for you to experience its awesome benefits.

Making sure that you won’t suffer from any harmful effects but at the same time get the benefits of a drug is important. Nootropics are the best example for this and you should really try it now. Go for it and level up to a better you.


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