Hypertension as the Cause of Impotence


Sexual activity is an integral part of human life, it brings satisfaction, helps relax and promotes the feeling of happiness. When men experience problems with their sexual function like erectile dysfunction, they lose self-confidence, become more anxious and start finding solution for their problems using medications obtained from Best-pharmacy.net.

However, to successfully fight erectile dysfunction it’s important to understand what causes this condition in every particular case. Thus, researchers believe that erectile dysfunction can be associated with such cardiovascular disorder as hypertension or increased blood pressure. According to a study published in 2000, about 68% of patients with high blood pressure suffered from erectile dysfunction of a varying degree. And at the same time, 45% of these patients had a severe form of hypertension. So, instead of visiting online pharmacies to buy ED drugs online, it’s reasonable to start with managing hypertension.

In hypertension, the ability of the arteries responsible for the blood filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis is impaired. Hypertension can also provoke certain changes leading to fibrosis of the cavernous tissue. Besides, there is a disturbance of the ability of the penile smooth muscles to relax when receiving corresponding signals from the brain. All that results in insufficient blood supply to the cavernous bodies which makes it difficult to achieve an erection.

Moreover, many medications administered for the treatment of hypertension have erectile dysfunction as an adverse reaction, although some of them may not cause such problem. Antihypertensive medications that suppress sexual function include:
Beta-adrenoceptor antagonists;
Central sympatholytics.

In addition, combination of hypertension and such risk factors as smoking, overeating, obesity, lack of physical activity, alcohol abuse can provoke severe forms of erectile dysfunction and deterioration of the overall health of the patient. Therefore, elimination of these risk factors should be the first step in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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