Countless positive utilities of Oxandrolone


Oxandrolone, commonly known as Anavar is a popular anabolic steroid used by the athletes and bodybuilders for performance enhancement. It is very mild in nature due to which it is mostly preferred by the female athletes. This steroid is effective in men too but the success rate is higher in women. This compound was originally brought into the market by Searle & Co under the trade name Anavar. Besides athletic performance, this compound has numerous therapeutic benefits too. It is used for weight gain in patients who have lost weight because of muscle-wasting diseases, injury, surgery or trauma. Moreover, it can treat people suffering from osteoporosis and prevent side effects resulting from corticosteroids.

The anabolic rating of this steroid is three times larger than that of testosterone though it is not a powerful compound like testosterone. The low androgenic features along with its mild nature make it a popular drug. It has the ability to reduce SHBG (Sex hormone Binding Globulin) and enhance nitrogen retention. The reduced SHBG levels increase the free testosterone levels in the body. It possesses the ability to increase the count of red blood cells which in turn promotes muscular endurance. This medication comes in the form of tablets that need to be consumed daily. Keep the time of day for your dosage same so that you do not forget to take it.

Precautions that need to be followed

Though this compound is mild in nature there are certain precautions that need to be followed to avoid any adverse side effect. You shouldn’t take this medication if you are suffering from prostate cancer, blood cancer or have high calcium levels in your blood. Tell your physician about the prescribed medications, supplements and vitamins you are taking. It must be avoided by pregnant women and also by women who have pregnancy plans. People suffering from diabetics should monitor the blood sugar levels regularly. Inform the doctor about the medications you take for the treatment of diabetes.

Moreover, patients suffering from kidney, heart and liver diseases should not take this steroid. Keep the medication in a tight container far from the reach of children. Store the steroid at a normal room temperature far away from dust, moisture and excess heat. The unwanted medications must be disposed off as quickly as possible so that children do not consume them. The best manner to dispose of this compound is by talking to the pharmacist or the local garbage department to know about their take-back procedure. The use of this steroid by children may affect their growth. Talk with your doctor for regular check-ups.

The effective dosages

This medication is prescribed for a few weeks only. Take it 2-4 times daily either with food or milk. The dosage is dependent on your response to your medical condition. Take it regularly to derive its maximum benefit. It is vital to remember the time of day for your dosage and it must be the same every day. The dosages for athletic performance are usually higher than the dosages for medical treatment. The dosage range is 2.5 mg-10 mg daily and the cycle ranges between 2-4 weeks. However, for the athletic purpose, the dosage range is between 15 mg and 25 mg daily with the cycle period being 6-8 weeks.


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