Best tips for bodybuilding Oxandrolone dosing programs


Oxandrolone is one of the best online selling anabolics. Most of the people are using it to maintain lean muscles while doing a hypocaloric fat reduction cycle. The strength of oxandroone is three times stronger than testosterone and is very effective in getting lean muscles. Other compounds have more possible side effects as compared to Oxandrolone.

You can use the desired doses of oxandrolone to get lean muscle mass without any adverse side effects like water retention or fat increase. During the initial years it is used for fat reduction process. Oxandrolone is much more versatile than you might think. It is a verbal anabolic steroid so it has some restrictions due to hepatotoxicity risk.  The margins to dosages in relation to hepatotoxicity are not very large as compared to other anabolic steroids like Anadrol 50 and Dianabol. People should always start with the low dose as testosterone has lower strength as compared to Oxandrolone and should not exceed the recommended dose. Different doses of oxandrolone ranging from 2.5 to 20 mg daily are recommended for the treatment of different diseases. The suggested dose range in medical centers is only 2-4 weeks longer. It is also recommended for some people for a long time of three months. Many bodybuilders are using oxandrolone along with other steroids for cycles. Oxandrolone is known as a gentle anabolic steroid so people often stack it with strong anabolic steroids. The community recommended doses of oxandrolone is between 15 to 25 mg daily for new users.

It is used for the treatment of various diseases like HIV/AIDS. The safe range of oxandrolone should be between 30 to 40mg daily for new users. Newer users are considered to be more sensitive than the experienced users of oxandrolone or other anabolic steroid.

Users can get the effective results by using the above mentioned doses because it has three times more strength than testosterone. The recommended dose for advanced users is between 50 to 80 mg daily. But bodybuilders or athletes should not use the dose higher than the recommended dosage. If you are using this anabolic steroid in stack with other anabolic steroids then you should keep the amount of this anabolic steroid higher than the other one. The improper use of anabolic steroids can lead to serious side effects. Due to its lower androgenc power it used by many of the women athletes all over the world. There are rare cases of virilization with the use of oxandrolone. The recommended dose for women is 10m daily. You can get the desisred results with low risk of side effects. This is known as a mild anabolic steroid but can cause side effects if you take higher doses for a long time. The half life of this anabolic steroid is quite short around nine hours.

Bodybuilders have to keep the blood plasma level constant in order to get the desired results at all times. The use of Dianabol will give you the same results as given by the single dose of oxandrolone. Oxndrolone is known as dihydrotestosterone derivative that avoids the interaction with the aromatized enzyme responsible for the conversion of androgen into estrogen.

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