The Most Advanced Procedure Offers Solution For Bunions


Are you one of those many people who is having a tough time with bunions? Bunions are the enlargement of our big toe joint area that is caused by the misaligned bone, which pushes our big toe inward. A lot of people withstand the pain and inconvenient linked with bunions as they aren’t aware where to ask help for treatment or think they can’t spare the time to solve the issue.

A bunion in its initial stage looks like an ugly bump on the side of our foot. When left untreated, it can become extremely worse and our first toe may overlap the second toe or result to other foot illnesses like premature arthritis, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, and calluses. Therefore, asking assistance to treat Morton’s neuroma at ModPod Podiatry is the ideal option for this.

Bunions Can Worsen In The Long Run

With the introduction of the internet, a lot of people prefer non-surgical treatments for their bunion issues, spending lots of hundreds of dollars on orthotics, bunion splints, and corrected tools only to see that their bunion continues to hurt and worsen. It’s not typical for an individual to wear out various pairs of shoes in their journey for lasting comfort and relief.

Over time, as their bunion worsens, patients should prefer to continue experiencing or as medical assistance. Bunions influence one out of six individual. The probability to develop a bunion is genetically and women are much affected than men.

Given that bunions are a genetical illness, they will slowly worsen over time. While you will find some successful non-surgical alternatives available, a lot of bunions will need surgery to fix the joints alignment and offer long-lasting pain relief.

Advanced Method to Cure Bunions

Most boards certified podiatrists might provide a surgical process known as a bunionectomy. Bunionectomy is a process that will fix a bunion deformity. With the help of the most advanced procedure available, foot specialists can lessen the enlarged joint at the back of the toe and improve the misalignment of the bones with a small titanium-alloy screw to keep the proper position.

Furthermore, this incision is locked with a plastic surgery method that enables a thin, cosmetically looking scar. The outpatient process takes around an hour and the patient is, mostly, able to walk through a walking boot in a few days after the surgery.

Don’t Wait For Your Bunions to Get Worse!

What are you waiting for? Consult your experienced podiatrist today and contact ModPod Podiatry for bunion treatment without surgery to schedule your bunionectomy. They will surely transform your feet and alleviate discomfort and pain. Educating yourself about the process as well as the post-operation care will guide you understand what to expect and will help you get ready for the surgery.

One of the many reasons why their patients love ModPod Podiatry is their passion for patient education. They want their patients to know why they have foot pain and understand how to get rid of their pain forever.


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