10 Lesser Known Facts about Coolsculpting


Coolsculpting is the new phenomenal treatment of reducing fat that is taking the entire world by storm. This particular treatment was first introduced by the Definition Clinic to Glasgow and the West Coast of Scotland. Since, then this non-surgical treatment has become people’s new favourite! In coolsculpting, the fat cells beneath the skin are targeted and treated at such a temperature that the fat cells literally freezes and dies away. Yes you read it right, this technique freezes your fat cells away resulting in a more sculpted you. In case if, you are hearing about coolsculpting for the first time, here a few lesser known facts about the treatment.

Facts about Coolsculpting

If you are planning to opt for coolsculpting in order to reduce your fats, knowing these facts about coolsculpting might come to your help:

  1. Coolsculpting is a complete non-surgical treatment of reducing fats. No injections, anaesthesia etc are used in the process. It is a perfect alternative to liposuction.
  2. Coolsculpting was invented by accident!
  3. The treatment can help you reduce your fats up to 25%. It is an extremely effective method of eliminating stubborn fats from your body.
  4. It targets only the fat cells in your body. This ensures that no harm is done to the surrounding tissues or to the skin.
  5. It is a treatment which is suitable for everyone irrespective of age, gender and body type.
  6. Coolsculpting is quick and clean. The procedure takes only 1 hour to treat a single area and leaves no scar behind. Therefore, until and unless you reveal it to people no one will ever know that you got fat-freezing treatment done.
  7. The results of coolsculpting last for long. If you maintain your diet then, the fats won’t come back.
  8. Coolsculpting is the only non-surgical treatment for reducing fat that uses patented Cryolipolysis.
  9. More than 1 million coolsculpting treatments have been carried worldwide and have got a 95% patient satisfaction ranking.
  10. It is not a weight loss procedure therefore; people who are overweight may not be good candidates for coolsculpting.  It is best suited for people who are looking to reduce 10 to 15 pounds.

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